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Oceania Pool Fencing

Oceania Pool Fencing Central Coast & Newcastle

Oceania offers the premium in semi-frameless stainless steel options for pool fencing. Using 50mm round stainless steel posts in a polished finish with a glass clamping system and 10mm toughened glass, this option is an alternative for frameless glass that gives a superior look without compromising style. 

Semi-frameless stainless steel glass pool fencing is a cost-effective alternative to other popular fencing options that don’t allow the clear view of the pool area. Our pool fencing offers a superior aesthetic that not only shows off your beautiful backyard pool, but also provides the added peace of mind at having a virtually unobstructed sightline to the pool. 

Our pool fencing is to the highest quality and to Australian standards. We use premium materials that are rust-resistant, heavy duty and made to last. 

When it comes to the safety and protection of your family, we know that this is your highest priority. So, making sure your backyard pool is a safe and fun space for your family all year round, is our top priority. 

Call us today to begin the journey of having a sleek, effective and long-lasting pool fence to enhance your pool area, and create fun memories with total peace of mind.

Find out more about the Oceania semi-frameless pool fencing from Castle Glass by downloading the PDF below or contacting us on (02) 4964 9688

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